Salt Island Studio


Move Your Body

Our personalized yoga sessions are designed meet your needs for balancing movement and relaxation through active vinyasa, stillness in yin, and rest in restorative practices. Work with us to improve your physical fitness, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and body composition. We will design a program that will maintain or improve your fitness, and help you recover from injury or illness following clearance by your physician or physical therapist.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Connect to Yourself

Explore your connection to self and journey inward through our guided mediations. Learn and practice skills to reduce stress and relax, as well as strategies to deal with worry and anxiety. Mediation has been shown to improve relaxation, reduce stress, benefit physical, mental, and emotional health, and support our success. Work with us to find a meditation style that works for you and practices strategies to support yourself during times of growth and change in your life.

Adventure & Wellness

Get Outside & Relax

Explore the outdoors at you own pace and build your backpacking and paddling skills. We plan and lead small group outdoor adventures centered around cultivating connection and community. Time in the backcountry alows us to clarify our goals and envision our life path as we experience challenges and build confidence. Optimize your energy by focusing on your circadian rhythym, movement, sleep, hydration, and nutrition.


Terra Merry is a 500 hour RYT with Yoga Alliance with training and personal practice in vinyasa, Yin, and restorative yoga methods. She teaches group and individual yoga and meditation classes to children, teens, and adults. Terra's yoga students are of all levels and abilities, including those affected by aging, trauma, illness, and injury, including traumatic brain injury. She has additional interests in teaching trauma informed yoga, techniques for lymphatic system support, athletic performance, rehabilitation, & recovery, veterans and adaptive yoga, and Chiari Malformation.

We can work together in person and remotely, and I will offer occasional travel retreats. Please drop me a note with your questions about my offerings, availability, rates.

Email Terra at Salt Island Studio or call 603.828.9523 to discuss our offerings and get a quote today.

Portsmouth, NH & Islesboro, ME